Kodak Carestream Brand and UX Integration

Kodak’s dental practice division had 10 years of acquisitions, with no brand consistency, no coherent UX guidelines, antiquated software code, strict regional requirements, and clumsy or nonexistent product & module integration – for example, merging imaging into the EMR workflow. I was hired on as UX lead to perform contextual research, provide strategic experiential analysis, create guidelines and frameworks for integrated design and branding, and champion a more integrated approach across Kodak’s diverse development teams, across several divisions and continents.

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Kodak Carestream: Overview

  • 10 years of acquisitions
  • Regionalism
  • No coherent UX guidelines
  • Brand inconsistency
  • Lack of product integration, e.g. imaging with EMR
  • Modernization

Kodak Carestream: On-Site Research in US and Europe

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Kodak Carestream: Legacy UI’s from Multiple Acquisitions

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Kodak Carestream: Disjointed, Antiquated Workflow Screens

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Kodak Carestream: Customer Concerns

“There’s 60 things to click on , and no way to tell which one is the thing I want.”

“I have to back all the way out of the calendar just to get the patient’s phone number.”

“Paperless charting requires and extra hour every day.”

“Treatment plans are difficult to change. we usually just add a new one.”

“No one understands how charting ties into billing.”

“We figured out a workaround for that… and that.”

“I just added those images to the patient file. Now I can’t find them.”


Kodak Carestream: Office Personalities

Ortho: Dr. Alexabder, Olympia, WA

  • Fun, Efficient, Organized, Fun
  • High-Touch Relationships (tx planner)
  • Paper Charting
  • Kiosk Check in, Housecalls
  • Assistants share 2 monitors
  • Optimized Architectural Layout
  • Light System, F2F
  • Verbal Knowledge Sharing- “restaurant Kitchen” Atmosphere
  • Consistent Processes & Charting Meethods
  • Buying a 9000, Modernizing for Future
  • Perception of Being Modern is Important

Kodak Carestream: In-office Service Flow & Touchpoints

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Kodak Carestream: Patient Record is the Hub

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Kodak Carestream: Branded Modules

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Kodak Carestream: Patient Record is the Hub

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Kodak Carestream: Integrated System Design

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Kodak Carestream: Building on Existing Strengths

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Kodak Carestream: Pattern Examples

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