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I’m an experience designer and creative consultant. Applying UX research, strategy, and design, I help clients build better products, services, systems and events. I also consult on operational strategy, process optimization and capability maturity. I use critical inquiry, design-thinking methods and collaborative techniques such as improv theater, embodied cognition and storytelling to help people achieve deeper connection, coherence and integrity in their work.

Past clients include Intel, Adaptive Path, Zaaz, Salesforce, Microsoft, Kodak Dental, Rackspace, Quark, Groupon, PlayNetwork, Dell, Leapfrog Toys, Kidaptive, IBM, Mirant, and more.

01.2010 – Present
Independent Designer & Consultant

[NDA] Fortune 100 tech company enterprise CMS system design, process and practice leadership 

  • Led a large-scale, misison-critical product design and development engagement.
  • Collaborated across disciplines and tiers of management to iterate design and deliver quality work under pressure.
  • Mentored creative leadership for the UX and BA teams through workshops, and modeled those skills as a project lead.

Duke Brand & Experience Integration Strategy and Roadmap 

  • Delivered strategic and tactical brand & UX analysis across the portfolio.
  • Designed a workflow system for knowledge and content management.
  • Co-produced an improvement roadmap for all web properties within the ecosystem.
  • Educated the client on the required infrastructure and resources to build and maintain their system.

[NDA] Fortune 100 entertainment company e-commerce site redesign 

  • Working closely with 3 other designers, I co-delivered an elegant, optimized, tablet-friendly site design.
  • Translated the design vision & principles from discovery into new flows, page designs, and interactive elements.
  • Added innovative storytelling features into the shopping experience, and a patented video greeting feature.
  • Delivered a roadmap of innovative features and interactivity to infuse the brand’s “magic” into the site experience.
  • Educated the client on the infrastructure required to build out the site strategy and roadmap.

Microsoft Style Guide for sub-brand web properties 

  • Translated the new Metro design aesthetics and principles into mobile-friendly web patterns.
  • Co-developed guidelines to standardize the aesthetic and interactive experience of all websites under
  • Defined, wrote, designed and illustrated examples of design principles, patterns, templates, widgets and behaviors.
  • Ensured consistency across independent marketing and design vendors’ sub-sites and landing pages.

Rackspace web ecosystem strategic audit 

  • Performed an expert audit on the global ecosystem of Rackspace websites.
  • Identified improvements to usability, content integration, conversion rates and brand representation across all sites.
  • Delivered an in-depth health scorecard with annotated screenshots.
  • Provided an actionable list of short & long term strategic and tactical improvements.
  • Helped client understand the need for editorial oversight to drive brand expression across the ecosystem. web brand integration 

  • Evaluated user experience across all web properties and acquisitions with a site audit and expert interviews.
  • Co-created a strategic roadmap for delivering a holistic site experience.
  • Mentored client on change management, defining next steps and key staffing targets to support the strategic plan.

Europe Vacations website redesign 

  • Led the brand and user experience revamp for a popular travel research and booking system.
  • Performed multiple rounds of research and analysis.
  • Worked with executive team to clarify and define content and design strategy; delivered an actionable roadmap.

CEB / Corporate Executive Board web experience 

  • Ran client workshops and user research, covering a large, complex range of personas, scenarios and content offerings.
  • Worked with practice leads to identify opportunities to coordinate operational efforts across departments.
  • Co-created a site architecture, experience model, framework and experiential style guide
  • Standardized the experience across all product domains and divisions for this prominent executive knowledge site.
  • Co-designed key site sections as examples to model the process framework, design principles, and brand personality.
  • Planned, designed and ran usability studies to validate designs.

04.2008 – 12.2009
Senior User Experience Designer, Produxs 

Kodak / Carestream dental practice software brand integration 

  • Standardized user experience across regional practices, EMR system for the world’s largest dental software provider. 
  • Planned and performed contextual research on-site in US and Europe markets.
  • Delivered a strategic framework, design principles, patterns, sample interfaces and best practice guidelines,
  • Designed example software, imaging and EMR modules, and mobile design.
  • Directly facilitated support and adoption among product development teams worldwide.

Educational e-reader interface design 

  • Designed a digital reader device to place all textbooks and supplemental materials at a student’s fingertips.
  • Created scenarios, personas, product strategy, screen and workflow design.
  • Designed the experience for in-book, annotation and content library on the device.
  • Designed a web-enabled desktop component to download, purchase and manage e-books.

Babylegs small business e-commerce site redesign 

  • Provided research, analysis, and design of a growing e-commerce website.
  • Defined personas, analyzed common task flows for friction and breaks in the experience
  • Delivered optimized task flows and wireframess.
  • Time on site was increased by 80% and purchase conversions by over 400%.

04.2007 – 03.2008
User Experience Lead, Saltmine / Enterworks 

PlayNetwork AMS media management interface design 

  • This media delivery service wanted to liberate account managers from manually programming customer sites.
  • Researched and designed a Java-based customer-facing programming interface.
  • Content for regions and complex playback patterns programmed through a calendar, timeline and media editor.
  • Drag-and-drop planning interface with with a sophisticated content management system and backend biz logic.
  • Empowered end users to manage music and advertising with intricate zoning and programming logic in a simple UI. environmental responsibility site IA and traffic strategy 

  • Intel wanted to better communicate its rich history green initiatives to a larger percentage of industry influencers.
  • Researched and created personas, flows, and information architecture.
  • Developed an audience-specific navigation strategy to drive visitors through the Intel site to the environment page.
  • Guided the client to refine how personas informed strategy for driving traffic to the site, online and offline.

05.2006 – 04.2007
Senior Experience Designer & Researcher, Microsoft   

Windows Live Calendar research & strategy 

  • Microsoft Windows Live Services wanted to create a competitive service to Google’s web offerings.
  • Customers were not impressed with Live Calendar’s “me too” design. The team needed a fresh approach.
  • Planned and ran an extensive ethnographic and diary study on calendaring habits of 12 targeted test subjects.
  • Delivered strategic insights and product recommendations, identified key features and underserved market needs,
  • Outlined requirements and product ideas for the PM’s to deliver a clear competitive edge over Google Calendar.

06.2002 – 04.2006
UX Practice Lead and Senior Interaction Designer, Quark  

Quark UX Design practice lead and evangelist 

  • Served as practice lead, establishing guidelines and frameworks for the UX practice, and mentoring the design team.
  • Practice development included ethnography and guerrilla research, applying research to design, conceptual modeling, and effectively representing and defending UX design to other stakeholders.
  • Designed an agile UX design process to work with teams of varying sizes, configurations, and geographic locations.
  • Established effective collaborative relationships with senior leadership across disciplines and management strata.
  • Successfully championed UX practice in the product lifecycle with product management and development leadership.

Quark Editorial Publishing System strategic redesign 

  • Defended Quark’s market share in the publishing industry with a complete overhaul of the system’s user experience.
  • Facilitated user research and focus groups in New York and Europe with 23 of the world’s leading editorial publishers.
  • Employed contextual inquiry, agile development and rapid prototyping to deliver successful designs.
  • Leveraged QuarkXPress’ advanced content features to optimize workflow support.
  • Innovative features included portable workflow widgets and email integration for content creation in the field.
  • The result was (and still is) the only editorial system that supports the entire article creation and publishing lifecycle, from field concepts to publishing, multi-format distribution, archiving and reuse.